High Quality Beef

We want to be known as your go-to for beef; whether you are an individual buying the proteins for cooking at home, a chef looking to source high quality & local proteins, a school district wishing to supply locally raised meat to the students, or a wholesale account wanting to add/expand their local section!

We Offer

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What Do We Feed Our Cattle?

We prioritize the quality of our cattle's diet, using premium ingredients for a high-quality end product. Our steers graze on pasture grass for the first 2/3 of their lives and are finished with a corn/forage-based diet for the final 1/3, resulting in well-marbled beef. This enhances sensory attributes such as juiciness, tenderness, and flavor intensity.

Why Else Do We Finish Cattle with Grain?

Our core focus is sustainability, driven by a commitment to reduce environmental impact through conscientious sourcing and energy-efficient practices. We aspire to set a benchmark for responsible business, engaging stakeholders and communities in our journey. Prioritizing sustainability, we aim to leave a lasting positive impact on the planet for future generations.

Grass Fed Vs. Grain Fed Beef

Grass-finished cattle need 226 more days to reach market weight than grain-finished cattle. Grain-finished beef requires 45% less land, 76% less water, and 49% less feed per pound. Both grass-fed and grain-fed beef are safe, nutritious, and humanely raised, with grain-fed having a lower environmental impact.