Purchasing Beef from Lakeshore Land & Livestock

Individual Cuts of Beef

How can I purchase individual cuts of beef from your farm?

  • Contact our farm directly to inquire about availability and place your order.
  • Visit our online store and browse our selection of premium cuts.

 What types of cuts are available for purchase?

  • Our inventory includes a variety of cuts such as steaks, roasts, ground beef, and specialty cuts.

Is the beef sold fresh or frozen? 

  • Our products are frozen, and vacuum sealed for the optimal freshness when you're ready to enjoy them.

Can I customize my order with specific cuts or quantities?

  • Yes, you can customize your order based on your preferences, and we're happy to assist you in creating a personalized selection. 

We have flexible ordering options, and there is no minimum requirement for individual cuts.

Bulk Beef

  • Whole Steer, 1/2 Steer, 1/4 Steer
    Beef is sold to you by dressed weight (hanging weight). A steer will yield 65-75% of the dressed weight in actual retail cuts, which is what will go in your freezer.

  • We deliver the live animal to the processor for you.

  • The meat is then aged for a minimum of 14 days before cutting. Dry aging enhances the natural flavors and tenderness of our beef, ensuring that consumers receive a superior and unforgettable dining experience.

  • The buyer will be responsible for providing the cutting specifications to the butcher. We are happy to help you pick what would be best for your family!

  • The amount of beef you will receive is largely dependent upon the weight of the animal.

Premium Grind Ground Beef

Our Premium Grind ground beef is a whole steer grind that includes the full loin, rib, chuck, and round–not just trimmings like you will find in some other products. It is available in 1 lb. and 2 lb. packages. Additional sizes are available with special orders.

You can easily pick up your ground beef at Lakeshore Land & Livestock by appointment. You will be contacted after your payment is received to schedule a pickup.

We sell directly to individuals and local businesses. If you are a restaurant or catering company in need of quality local beef, please contact us for additional information.

Additional Q&A

What is the source of your beef, and how is it raised?

  • Our beef comes directly from our farm, where we prioritize ethical and sustainable farming practices. Our farm is Beef Quality Assurance certified.

How do I pay for my order? 

  • Payment options include secure online transactions through our website or alternative methods, depending on your preference.

What are the shipping options and costs?

  • We offer various shipping options with transparent costs, and local customers may have the option for farm pickup and local delivery.

How Do I Cook Unfamilliar Cuts of Beef?

Beef. It's What's For Dinner. provides recipe ideas for all cuts of beef. Explore their site for more inspiration.


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